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Price: $
This gift is in honor of (insert name as it should appear in listings or write "anonymous"):
This gift is in memory of (insert name as it should appear in publications or write "anonymous"):
Note if the donor, honoree, or both should be listed as "anonymous" in publications:
If your gift is not for General Operating Support and Maintenance, please specify.:
Note any instructions, request gift announcements be sent (provide name and address of honoree or loved ones to be notified), or inform us if this gift is from an organization or business to be listed instead of an individual donor:
Qty :

Visa, MasterCard, AmEx and DISCOVER accepted

Use the above form to contribute to the non-profit, tax-exempt Stepping Stones Foundation and support operation and preservation of the historic home of Bill and Lois Wilson.

In the "PRICE" box enter your donation amount.

Use the other boxes for all special instructions, such as if
1- a gift is IN HONOR of a person or organization

2- a gift is IN MEMORY of someone

3 -you as donor and/or anyone honored or remembered by should be printed as "ANONYMOUS" in publications (Write "donor anonymous," "honoree anonymous" or "both anonymous."

4- your donation is to be restricted as given toward a specific Historic Preservation project, please state the project in the space provided

5- you have special instructions or notification requests
-- Name and address of person(s) to notify regarding "in honor" and "in memory" gifts
-- If your gift is made by you on behalf of an organization, indicate the name that should be on printed donor lists (or "anonymous") and the name and contact information for our records and tax receipt.
After boxes are filled:
Click "Add Item."
Click "Create a new account" or "Log In"
(If making a new account, click on "Create & Continue.")

Recheck your amount then submit.

On the "Set Billing Information" page select your billing address associated with your credit card and your shipping address for your tax receipt and donation letter. Then "submit and continue."

On the "Select Shipping Method" page select "No Shipping for Donations."

Recheck the information you provided and press "Continue."

Complete the "Choose a Payment Method" page fields then click "Continue."

After the contribution is processed (typically 1-2 business days), you will receive email confirmation for your tax purposes. Contributions are tax-exempt to the extent permitted by U.S. law.

Please consider giving monthly via credit or debit card. To set up monthly giving, please call Stepping Stones at (914) 232-4822.

Please consider giving in memory of or in honor of a loved one or to celebrate a milestone.

We are grateful for contributions in any amount to help support the mission of Stepping Stones.

A letter of thanks will be emailed or mailed, including information for tax purposes.
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