Twelve Highlights  -  Stepping Stones Foundation, 1979-2019

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We have taken these steps since Lois’ passing in 1988 to keep the Wilsons’ vision alive.

1.    Stepping Stones Online program series launched, 2019. 

Click here to listen to the first program featuring two interviews with Bill Schaberg, author of "Writing the Big Book: The Creation of A.A."

2. Objects Preservation Projects (2008 to Present)

Objects of Affection (2019) — Priority objects among thousands of the Wilsons’ original possessions are getting professional conservation care thanks to gifts to this project. “Came to Believe” (Man on the Bed) painting is back on view due to this effort.

Object Collection Catalogued (2008) — Each of thousands of objects in the Wilsons’ home was painstakingly numbered, photographed, and entered in a database for tracking and study.

3.   Gardens & Groves of Gratitude (2018) — This project makes possible the return of flora and fauna first planted by the Wilsons.

4.   Traditional events established by the Wilsons continue — Lois’ Family Groups Annual Picnic turns 69 years old on June 6, 2020, and A.A. and A.F.G. Delegates continue to visit on a regular cycle.

5.   Archives Preservation Project (2010–Present) — Phases I and II (2010–2017) saw 100,000 documents, including 7,500 photographs, copied to microfilm and digital formats making the Wilsons’ lives and recovery more accessible.1 Phase III, an online archive, may begin to be created in 2020.

6.   Welcome Center with Orientation Display Based on Archives (2011) —The Wilsons’ two-car garage was adapted to include educational information, gift shop, and accessible bathrooms, thereby lessening wear on the main house and allowing its water to be shut off. 2

7.   National Historic Landmark Status (2012) — The U.S. Secretary of Interior’s highest historic designation was granted to Stepping Stones.

8.   Critical Preservation Projects for Structures (1990s–Present) — With guidance from a preservation architect, the Foundation maintains the integral structure and aesthetic of the Wilsons’ home.3 Major efforts have included air-conditioning, roof, window, porch and chimney projects. Bill W Writing Studio Wits End

The Wit’s End Preservation Project has WitsEndBillWWritingStudioExteriorled to key improvements in the studio from casement window restoration to floor replacement.

9.   Parking Lot (2017) — Relocating parking reduced traffic from the historic and pedestrian core of the site and protects trees of significance.

10.   Interpretive Plan (2006) —Today’s tour guide manual generated from the work of experts in the field was made possible by a grant from N.Y. Council of the Humanities.4

11.   Bill & Lois Wilson: In Their Own Words (2010) —The archive-based play had its first production in 2010.

12.   Second Stepping Stones Foundation's Alcoholism Symposium (1993) — President Bill Clinton wrote on this momentous occasion that Stepping Stones’ commitment to the Wilsons’ “legacy ensures a stronger nation and a bright future for all of us.”5

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All content and images are ©2019 Stepping Stones Foundation. Above Images from the Stepping Stones Archives  (Top to Bottom): Lois and Bill Wilson at Stepping Stones, 1960; Lois Wilson's "Inventory" page listing some important items at Stepping Stones; Bill Wilson at his writing desk in Wit's End studio at Stepping Stones; and Lois Wilson at Stepping Stones.

End Notes: (1 & 2) 2010 SSF News; (3) SSF Conservation Assessment Program Report, 2007, P. 21; (4) 2006 SSF News; (5) 2005 SSF News

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