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Kitchen with Storied Table

The centerpiece of the Wilsons’ kitchen is the table that hosted the conversation that helped inspire Bill Wilson to seek recovery from alcoholism one final time. Bill’s account in the book Alcoholics Anonymous (the “Big Book”) is that a fresh-skinned, newly sober Ebby Thatcher visited him, turned down alcohol, and gently spoke of a new way of living involving helping others and a “Higher Power.” Within days, Bill gave treatment one more chance at Manhattan’s Towns Hospital where he would have a life-changing spiritual awakening.

“Soon Ebby stood beaming in the doorway. Then he was sitting across the kitchen from me. There was big crock of gin and pineapple juice between us. Immediately I felt that there was something different about Ebby. It was not only that he was sober, I could not put a finger on it. I could not forget what he said. In the kinship of common suffering, one alcoholic had been talking to another.” -Bill Wilson, Alcoholics Comes of Age