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Lois’ Desk in Gallery

Located in the corner of the upstairs “gallery” (once a library), this desk was the first headquarters of Al-Anon Family Groups. At the urging of Bill, Lois and co-founder Anne Bingham wrote 87 informal family groups across the country, inquiring if they wanted to form a fellowship and practice the Twelve Steps in their own lives. Over fifty responded affirmatively and the official Al-Anon organization was named and born.

A copy of the invitation letter is found on Lois’ desk. Next to it are three tree inbox trays Lois used to organize her priorities. The trays read with “A.A. slogans” that are now part of popular culture: “First Things First,” “Easy Does It,” and, “Live and Let Live,” as written at the end of the chapter, “The Family Afterwards” in Alcoholics Anonymous.