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Lois’ Rosebush

The Harison’s Yellow Rose bush in the middle of the flower garden in front of the house was planted by Lois Burnham Wilson. It came from Brooklyn Heights, New York, and is carefully maintained by Stepping Stones. The rose is named for George Folliott Harison who grew it in New York around 1824 making it an heirloom rose. It has many other names including the “Pioneer Rose” and the “Yellow Rose of Texas.” It blooms each May just in time to be in full glory Stepping Stones Annual Picnic in early June.

Lois was an avid gardener. Among her hobbies was weeding. Her diaries in Stepping Stones Archive help to pinpoint where and what she planted so that it can be maintained or re-planted. Lois was known to trade clippings with friends.

“Wherever we went, we brought home plants and seeds to beautify the house and garden.”-Lois Wilson, Lois Remembers

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