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As the 40th anniversary of The Stepping Stones Foundation in December 2019 approaches, we are pleased to introduce online programs. Please join our mailing list and scroll down for the first two recorded programs in our series.  

"Stepping Stones Online" will feature a wide variety of topics and presenters all available for you right here!

As Alcoholics Anonymous celebrates the 80th anniversary of the book that gave the fellowship its name, Stepping Stones starts our nw online program series with two interviews with author William ("Bill") H. Schaberg about his book "Writing the Big Book: The Creation of A.A.," which came out on November 5, 2019. The 800+page book was more than 10 years in the making and included extensive research in Stepping Stones Archives.

"Part I: The Founder" Click here to listen (Posted Nov. 5, 2019)

Mr. Schaberg discusses the essential role that Bill W. played in making the Big Book

"Part II: The Cofounders" Click here to listen (Posted Nov. 15, 2019)

Mr. Schaberg discusses A.A. pioneers and associates involvement in the Big Book project, including Hank P., Ruth H., and Dr. Bob.

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The Big Book / "Alcoholics Anonymous" brought together the life-saving ideas and experiences of a fledgling fellowship of recovering alcoholics of the 1930s. Today, the Big Book continues to help millions of people to recover. In 2015, A.A. reported that they had printed over 36 million copies of the Big Book in English alone. It has been translated into over 70 languages. The Library of Congress lists the Big Book among the 88 books that shaped America.

With your continued support over the course of time this series will provide rich opportunities for many participants to speak to a wide range of subjects. The views expressed by those who have been granted access to the Stepping Stones Foundation Archives and those featured in our programs are solely their own and have not necessarily been reviewed or endorsed by Stepping Stones.

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AcknowledgementsRunyon Schaberg Corbett

Stepping Stones is grateful for the pro bono support of Kessler Media Productions Ltd. of Katonah, NY and Robert Kessler for use of their studio and their work in the production and editing of these interviews. In addition, we are grateful for the instrumental role of Stepping Stones Board of Trustees Member Will Runyon in the development of this series and the first set of recordings.

Above photo (Left-Right): Will Runyon, Stepping Stones Trustee; Bill Schaberg, Author; Sally Corbett-Turco, Executive Director, Stepping Stones at the studio of the award-winning Kessler Media Productions. 

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