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A wooden boomerang harkening to the childhood story about Bill and the boomerang. The front reads “Stepping Stones – Historic Home of Bill & Lois Wilson” and the back has “Keep coming back!”

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A special boomerang with “Stepping Stones Historic – Home of Bill & Lois Wilson” written on one side and “Keep coming back!” on the other. When Bill was pre-teen, his grandfather challenged him to make a boomerang that returned when thrown. He said only Australians could make those. After six months of near sole focus on making a return boomerang, Bill succeeded. His grandfather gave him public accolades as the “number one guy”. Bill never made another boomerang, but told this story to illustrate how his desire to be the best was coupled with seemingly incompatible low self-esteem. Friends brought Bill boomerangs as a good-humored gift and some remain on display at Stepping Stones today.

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