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Large Circle and Triangle SymbolLarge Circle and Triangle Symbol

Large Circle and Triangle Symbol


The Wilsons visitors to Stepping Stones, including many who hiked through the woods and were guided to the right house when they saw the circle and triangle emblem on the chimney. This is a handcrafted same-size replica by a blacksmith. It is a popular for fireplaces.

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When the Wilsons lived at Stepping Stones, they hosted people from all over the world. They placed a circle and triangle symbol to their chimney so that visitors could their way to the right place, Stepping Stones. This large size is a same-size replica of the symbol hung by the Wilsons. It is handcrafted by a blacksmith and popular for hanging on fireplaces. If we are out of stock call us at 914-232-4822 to special order.

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